Saturday, November 22, 2008

Emily Dunbar Plays for 800 Farmers

It's true! I played a gig last week for 800+ farmers at the Adam's County Fairgrounds. What a hoot! It was the Chamber of Commerce Ag BBQ and Robin Harrell, Carey McGehee & I provided the entertainment. They say it was the largest crowd they'd had in the 31 year history of the event. I like to think it was because we were on the program (really, it had been raining for days so the farmers couldn't harvest--see how much I've learned living in Nebraska?!). I can't imagine when I'll have an audience that big again. It was an honor to be a part and really fun to play with my pals.

My next up-coming gig is December 20 at the Blue Moon in Hastings for a suicide prevention benefit. It's a great lineup of local talent including Robin Harrell, Todd Brown, Jay Bayles & Trey Hamik. Good stuff!

In the meantime I've been working hard getting through my school work. When I finish this semester I'll be at the halfway point--a year and a half to go until I receive my master's degree and teaching certificate.

Pre-sales are going well. I've raised HALF my recording costs, which is awesome, but I still have a long way to go to cover art & manufacturing. I'm starting phase III of pre-sales today. Phase I was local sales at shows. Phase II was launching the blog and putting up video on facebook (I hope to have another video up next week--check back!). Phase III is sending out a mass email and hoping friends who haven't yet respond and forward it on to other interested parties.

Thanks to you all for your encouragement and support!